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Beastie Boys - Best Of Grand Royal 12's (2007)

Beastie Boys - Best Of Grand Royal 12's (2007)

01. So Watch' Cha Want (Soul Assassin Remix Version)
02. Hey Ladies (Bs 2000 Mix)
03. Drum Machine (Psycho Dust Mix)
04. Rock Hard (12 Inch Version)
05. Jimmy James (Original Mix)
06. Bod Movin (Fatboy Slim Mix)
07. In A World Gone Mad (Original Mix)
08. Negotiation Limerick File (Handsome Boy Modelling School Makeover)
09. Sureshot (Green Mix)
10. Intergalactic (Strawberry Bath and Jelly Soles Instrumental Version)
11. Alive (B.R.A. Remix)
12. Rootdown (Pp Balloon Mix)
13. Get It Together (Buck Wild Mix)
14. Remote Control (E.P. Version)
15. Cookin Puss (Censored Version)
16. Shadrach (Shadrach Remix Instrumental)
17. Groove Holmes (Live Vs The Biz)

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3 comentários:

CASÉ disse...

enfim de volta!!!
achei q tinha morrido!


soul warrior disse...

great posts.

the link says "missing file"
can you re-upload?

mucho gracias!

Miguel RMS disse...

I´ve lost this archive with some others, so I can´t reupload it. If I get it again i´ll repost. Thanks 4 da feedback. Peace!
Miguel RMS